4 Faces

  • You Won't Find Me

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  • No Fire

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  • Project 24601 (Worth the Wait)

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  • Worth the Wait

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There are things that can’t be said… but still can be shared. Music is the vessel.

The “4 Faces” EP is an experimental EP that will take the listener on a full 360 degree journey.

After starting out with a catchy, foot-tapping ‘punchy acoustic’ blues tune, listeners will be drawn into a harmonistically layered experience that is “No Fire”.
More of an electronic feel comes to the listener as the struggle within the character of “Project 24601” comes to life in both lyrics and sound. Ears will tingle with the movement and placement of instruments, effects and moods throughout the story of lost identity.
The listener will arrive at “Worth the Wait” with a subtle feeling of home as they hear the warm acoustic instruments and sounds bringing them back where they began

From the writer:

The music I write is done so for situations, points in life that are only ever honestly discussed and safe in our own thoughts.

Have a listen to my music and you won’t hear songs written with a focus of ‘chart topping success’, you won’t hear mainstream… close your eyes, feel the rhythm and the melody, hear the words…. if it makes you feel, then it makes you real.




Track Reviews:

You Won’t Find Me:

Over the top of stripped back raw guitar sounds, Chris’ ‘attitude vocals’ blast through the crunchy, foot tapping blues riffs and smooth lyrics listeners will no doubt find themselves singing long after the song has finished.

No Fire:

A short hit of vocal positional mastery, Chris delivers and auditory delight to the ears. In just over 3 minutes the cannons will take you away from yourself and leave you hanging…

Project 24601 (Lost Identity):

Decisively progressive lyrics take the listener on a journey through the vast range of range of Chris H’s vocal ability. 
The incorporation of keyboard and synth with a smooth electronic influence inertially pulls the listener into our story through the imagery and inner struggles of our character

Worth the Wait:

Following the story of an all-to-common character in all of our lives.

Chris H provides a solid fluent country-type feel to encourage the listener to sit back and relax as the story unfolds.

Warm acoustic guitar characteristics incorporating smooth lead guitar riffs to keep the listener engaged and and tapping their foot the whole way through.

Another great example of Chris H’s lyrical ability.